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Thread: Problem with amd 64 version of KALI!

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    Problem with amd 64 version of KALI!

    Hi everyone!
    I recently downloaded Kali amd64 in order to use it on my hp xw8600 Desktop, but unfortunately when I rebooted the system after finishing the installation process Kali Linux seems to be running but there is no text just empty menus and buttons. So I removed this installation and I booted from the DVD also the same problem (no texts just empty buttons and menus) this is my hardware config:

    CPU: Xeon 64bit
    Graphic card: nvidia Quadro FX 5600

    Any idea a bout this problem?

    Thank you for your help!

    Best regards.

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    Do you know for a fact if you have a clean version downloaded? Did you verify check-sums? If for whatever reason your copy is corrupt errors like the one you mentioned are completely plausible.
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