Hey guys,

Just trying to build a custom ISO, but having a few problems, I'm getting an error when I get to the "lb config" stage saying I should run this first "ln -sf wheezy /usr/share/live/build/data/debian-cd/kali", is it ok to do so? I tried this before and just did the above, then went on to edit the config to change the WM because I want to use I3WM or XFCE, so I deleted all below the commented part where you change it in the config, I deleted it all and just added the lines from the guide, was this the right thing to do? or should I just add the lines right at the bottom?

The rest went OK but then it wouldn't boot, I "dd" it to a USB flash drive and rebooted, it loaded the live Debian menu but I couldn't go any further, didn't work..yet it seemed to go pretty flawlessly during the setup other than the above so I'm confused.....

I kinda want to use Kali as my main desktop OS but see this isn't a good idea, I tried to set up a normal user but then got some IceWeasel authority error on login.

If it's better to have a more permanent OS installed, can I get all the kali tools on that distro? If so how? Say I install normal debian then can I get all the Kali tools?