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Thread: AWUS036NHRtrouble card or AWUS036H

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    Unhappy AWUS036NHRtrouble card or AWUS036H

    Hey guys, I recently bought an Alfa AWUS036NHR card (wlan1 with mon1). This is the latest of the 036series.
    Whatever i do, i am unable to get the handshake. When i use my laptops wlan card (wlan0with mon0) everything works well so I know it should be working.
    I read there are a lot of driver trouble with the 036NHR. Also airmon-ng can't read the chipset of my alfa card. Should i be better of with the O36H?
    What do you guys recommend.

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    The NHR seems to have all sorts of issues. The NHA card sounds good and I think it is the latest of the Alfa cards. The H is older and well-supported. I have an NH and it works fine for me (a/b/g/n.) I'd go with the H or NHA depending on if you need 802.11n, as the H seems to just support a/b/g and the sensitivity of the NHA looks better than the NH.

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    Thanks, got the H now and works fine ;-)

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