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Thread: updated iso's for July

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    Smile updated iso's for July

    So I went ahead and created 2 updated iso's ill try and do this on the 5th of each month unless there are alot of updated released than I may do it sooner.
    but anyways here they are and if you cant use torrents try and please help seed.

    i386 for newer systems: *REMOVED*

    MD5: 21E0FE549A7B1DE3A03A17D2D75F2B40
    SHA-1: 0EC0C5A2A1904A49FF23342BDDC2987597A68744

    and for older systems: *REMOVED*

    MD5: D276631B7B236914C317B24587964B2F
    SHA-1: 93B8EDB99E34F4886171CB00C83DDB576FE3036D

    We do not allow for pre-compiled images to be linked to. For more information, see here:
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    Smile while you can for in the future there my be nothing to smile about.

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    Please don't post unofficial ISOS on our forums. Strongly discouraged.

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