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Thread: XRDP question

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    XRDP question

    We have Kali residing in a data center.

    I grabbed a copy of xrdp (xrdp_0.5.0-2_i386.deb) and installed it on the machine remotely. I made a .xsession file with one line in it: gnome-session and connected. Everything worked correctly except that when I hit the Up|Down arrows it doesn't cycle through the CLI history. Instead it maximizes and minimizes the window I'm in.

    Any idea on how to fix that? I'm not sure I can retrain my brain to not use the up|down arrows.

    If it matters, I'm connecting from Win 8 enterprise using RDP.


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    Same here. SSH works for most CLI stuff... I hate VNC. Maybe someone can toss some other ideas around? Setting up a VPN and then using VNC I guess...

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    This seems like a common problem with xrdp. Check this post for some examples:

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    I had this issue and tried the following the guide above, however, it didn't fix the issue. Which I could have screwed something up along the way. However, I found that if you remove the key bind (i.e. "Super+Up") for the "Toggle fullscreen mode" and "Restore window" setting in the keyboard shortcuts for Windows fixes the issue. This will have to be done for each user through.

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