So i've blown $50 on 2 wireless cards right? My most recent is the ALFA Network AWUS036H card. Supposedly this is the card of choice for pentesting. However I do not know how to make this card available for use in Kali Linux on my Android. Using a Samsung Galaxy S4 (sgh-i337 / AT&T). The OS itself is giving me some problems now, but i'll work through them. After connecting the device via an OTG cable to be recognized by the android kernel itself...i can dmesg and get a read that it has been connected...and lsusb also shows an RTL81** device as been connected. But how do i get the device to show in the ifconfig/iwconfig lists? I've read the term 'modprobe', and have done a little reading on it. Supposedly i'd have to get the driver compatible with linux? or would i have to find a driver compatible with the ARM device itself? Can anyone shed a little light on this please?