Thanks to the Back|Track Kali|Linux dev team. I really appreciate your efforts and hardwork. I've been messing with this Linux thing since Auditor 0.9. I just came across that disc yesterday. That reminded to check if Kali has been released. To my surprise it was ready to dl. I had NEVER touched any distro of Linux before Auditor and then Back|Track . I was immediately hooked and never let go. So thanks for this educational journey I have been on with you guys. I've learned a lot and am continuing to do so. Anyhow, just finishing up this download, gonna put it along side my BT5r3 on the external. I will check back in with results from Lenovo z585 AMD A10 and G580. Stuck at work now. Man I cant wait to get home and set up the lab! Gonna be a fun weekend.