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Thread: custom kali azerty image?

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    custom kali azerty image?

    Anyone knows how to build a custom kali image with azerty keyboard?
    Also having the apt-get upgrade and apt-get update + apt-get install bridge-utils in it would be nice so i can write it to my usb device.

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    I would suggest to try and build one yourself. I should be straight forward.

    If you add persistence to your USB install, you should be able to set your keyboard layout under System Settings -> Keyboard -> Layout Settings

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    hups, got an usb with persistence but the keyboard changes everytime after a reboot. I also thought it would help but it didn't. Got a kali laptop and a usb live device also that i would like to customize but as i'm totally new to the customising iso and the usb thing its like a hard thing to understand. When i boot the usb with persistence (tap Tab button and add "persistence") i can see the persistence on my desktop, save files to it etc bs i make on my the changes i make to my kali instalation like update, upgrade and keyboard are not stored, thanks for the reply

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    That's strange.. i use usb with persistence and my language and keyboard settings are saved. i change them on the first time and never since...

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