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Thread: Kali on Galaxy s3

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    Kali on Galaxy s3

    Ok, so I used linux deploy, set the resolution to the same as the phone. Everything succeeded however when I vnc into Kali, I am unable to see the dropdown menu that is normally at the top.. All I can see is the background and the computer link... What gives??

    I would really like to use the same version as the Note 10.1, however I feel the recovery.img process will brick my phone. Is there any way possible to make the recovery.img to work with the Galaxy S3? (For Verizon btw)

    I know there is an app, which will let you dual boot 2 roms and you can choose at boot. It would be awesome if we could mod the Kali to Dual boot into it. Is there any way possible to do this?

    I also have downloaded the Galaxy Note 10.1 version, and put it on my internal SD card, just to see if I was able to VNC into it. No luck for me here unless I'm doing it wrong.

    If anyone can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. I run Kali on almost all my devices, but If I could get it to work with my Gs3 I would be the happiest pentester in the world.

    Can anyone help please?

    Thank you

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    I know of no app however serria kernel will allow you to dual boot

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    What recovery do you have? I downloaded the debian kit and then run a couple commands from terminal emulator and it boots me into backtrack or kali. And which ROMs are you using??? I thought VNC was a pain! I have the exact same phone as you, I use the CleanRom7 and Synergy with twrp recovery and it runs like a champ! If you brick your phone, You can slice a usb cable, plug it into a lap to then use two of the wires, positive and negative and jump the board. Just don't F up!

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