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Thread: vpn on mobile internet

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    vpn on mobile internet


    First of all I want to apologize for my extremely poor English.

    I've just installed kali on my laptop and now trying to get started vpn with my mobile broadband.

    I can not start the kali with the dongle into the usb port, but must do so after kali booting, or freezes the computer with error message about port mapping.

    When I inserted the dongle, I can connect to in the browser and enter the pin and then connect to the internet works.
    But the problem is that the network manager in the upper right corner it says that I'm not connected to any network and can not connect to vpn.

    I can connect to wireless Internet and then get my vpn to work.
    the wired network says "device not handle."

    know that when I put the dongle it get the name eth0

    I've tried to edit connections in Network Manager and created a new mobile connection, but after I created itit can not connect with it, it does not appear in any list of connections.

    Anyone have any solution?

    Sincerely: squash

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    Have solved the problem.
    For some reason, I've downloaded kali i386 and not amd64.
    Now I boot with amd64
    Now i can see the connection and can boot with the dongle in the USB

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