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Thread: How to install amd radeon 6470m on kali (installed on VMware)

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    Question How to install amd radeon 6470m on kali (installed on VMware)


    I have 2 days looking for a way to install the graphics hardware amd back to 6470 AD
    I also visited the following link, but I could not find the correct way to install it, I get errors encountered during installation!
    Can someone help me?

    Many thanks

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    If you're installing an operating system inside a virtual machine, its unable to use the host's device(s).

    For an example, If you had inbuilt WiFi - it will not detect it.
    Same thing with the GPU. Its using its own graphic card now, that came with VMware (not the radeon 6470m).

    There is a method however, so you can use host's CUDA/OpenCL power inside a VM - for more information see here:

    For whatever reason you want to direct access to to the hardware, you'll need to either to install it to the HDD (e.g. dual boot) or use a DVD/USB Install.
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    Thank you
    If I 'kali' on the system without using 'VMware' Which way do I install a graphics card installed, and it will be effective?

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    I don't have a ATI card, so I can't comment.

    I would download from the manufacturer's website, and follow their instructions.
    I don't understand what you mean by 'be effective'.

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    will be effective = Work it

    Thank you

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    As I don't have you card, I can't say!
    Try following the guides which you have linked to.

    If it you get it working, great! Be sure to share so other can do the same.
    If they don't work, you can create a new post, and hope someone who has a your card/another ATI card can help you.

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    I am really confused. I thought the whole point of intel's vtD architecture was to allow direct access to the hardware by the vm?

  8. I have AMD Ati Radeon HD 6470M. So how can I install the kali vmware on my System.I haven't tried Kali vmware software on my system. Is there any process for that...?

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