HI ! how are u all ?
sorry my english , im from Argentina .
i downloaded kali . burn the dvd y run it with my macbook pro intel based.
ok... so... i was finishing the installation and a banner came up to ask me where does Grub has to be installed ?

A couple of option appeared .


I chose /dev/sda2 because in sda is the EFI that upload Mac OS .
i did reboot and press the ALT option key , that allows me to chose between the two SO. BUT NOTHING!!!
ONLY APPEAR MY MAC OS !!! BUT NO SIGNAL OF KALI , and i installed for sure.

i dont want grub to be my loader , because I want to hace Kali "invisible" ya`know! I dont want to nobody to see what i have really inside my mac . I like to be "like always" ajajaja (and have my pentesting knife camouflage it)

I really dont remember what i did with bt 5 r3 but , when I pressed ALT , I could do it , I could choose bt !!

what do you think I did wrong?

greetings and once again sorry my english
see you !