I would like to use DSL(**** Small Linux) as a Firewall for a VM with Kali on it and then surf through TOR.

So, this is what i did:

- VM for DSL
- 1. Networkadapter set to NAT
- 2. Networkadapter set to Internal
- Start SSH
- XShell / Root Access / Transparent
- Set Password
- ifconfig eth1
- Snapshot

- VM for Kali
- Networkadapter set to Internal

- Set up Iceweasel
- HTTP Proxy / SSL Proxy: Port: 8118
- SOCKS Host: Port: 9050

- ifconfig eth0 (Kali VM)
- ssh -N -L 9050: [email protected]
- Type "yes"
- Enter the Paaword

And then I got that Error:
"Permission denied, please try again."

I do not know, what I did wrong!! I did it once with backtrack and it was working fine..

I am sure, that i wrote the correct password...