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    Hi! I've just installed Kali on my Q1 ultra. As 'lsusb' says it has "eGalax touchScreen" connected. During the graphical installation the touchscreen was working(though it was not well callibrated), but when the installation was complete after reboot it's not working at all. evdev driver should work but it isn't. thanks for any help.

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    finally got my calibration settings saved and working

    install xinput_calibrator from the repos
    you should see the calibration tool under system / administration... run it and configure your screen.. it will then leave you some output numbers eg (32 300 7900 400 7800)

    using a new terminal type

    gedit /etc/X11/Xsession.d/98x11-common_touchscreen

    this will open a new text file for you to enter the info gathered with xinput)_calibrator

    next enter the info in this format

    xinput set-int-prop 8 "Evdev Axis Calibration" 32 300 7900 400 7800

    the number "8" is your device number so change this accordingly with the number xinput states is your device..
    and change the numbers at the end with whatever numbers your xinput session gave you...
    hit save and reboot and your calibration should be permanent
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    What image of kali you use for samsung q1

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