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Thread: Building Nvidia Driver into Custom Kali builds

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    Building Nvidia Driver into Custom Kali builds


    I am a big fan of KDE so i built my own custom image with a couple tweaks and it worked perfectly. I also have a Nvidia graphics card and was able to install the driver after the initial OS install.

    However during the install I ran into some problems with the Nouveau driver and the X server. The display was all chopped up and I had trouble loading items because of it. I was able to fix the issues but it did take a while.

    That got me thinking, is there any way to build my custom Nvidia driver into my custom KDE build so that it preloads on start up? I have already downloaded the Nvidia .run file, is there a way I can preload this into the build?

    any help would be appreciated,


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    i'm trying to find out how to do just that...
    no luck so far...

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    That would be really nice, especially if it worked for optimus nvidia graphics cards as well

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