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Thread: mutliboot menu for efi hardware?

  1. Question mutliboot menu for efi hardware?

    hey guys, i'm not sure if any thing like this exists, exactly, so i figured i'd ask. does any one know if there is a boot manager program, like grub, but, which allows you to choose which DEVICES to boot from (eg, USB or CD/DVD or HDD), as well as which OS/distro installation (xubuntu or debian or etc)? i guess i'm looking for a kind of "master boot menu", of sorts. the catch is, it has to work with EFI. the "big idea" is to find a master boot menu, that gets you past the EFI, for SIMPLIFICATION, so that you can boot live USBs and check out other distros, play around etc. this is currently problematic because most live distros can't boot through EFI, and i'm currently fighting to get kali up and running live. thanks for any tips.
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    Ubuntu with Grub2 maybe the best for multi-boot but boot from USB or CD/DVD or HDD just set up your BIOS, boot manager doesn't do this job. Another solution is EasyBCD - google it

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