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Thread: Kali linux sony vaio pro 13

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    Kali linux sony vaio pro 13

    Hi guys,
    i'm trying to install kali linux on my sony vaio pro 13 with an i5 4200 cpu, i've putted the iso into a usb drive with unetbootini, when i put the usb drive into my vaio, i can see 5 options : default, Back.., live, install with speech synthesis and hardware detection tool. If i try the first two options, some words runs on the screen, but after a while the screen become black, and there is only a little white point that spawns randomly on the screen every two seconds. If try live option, i can run kali linux, but i don't see any option to run it and my wireless card isn't recognized. Finally if try install with speech synthesis, he ask me for a cd rom drive, but my ultrabook does not have it.
    Who can help me?

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    I have installed kali linux in my vaio laptop successfully using USB installer since i also don't have DVD-ROM.
    what i did
    first i make sure that the notebook first boot the external drive, (f3 for bos set up).
    i use to make the installer
    then i choose graphic install

    make sure your installer is not broken.

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