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Thread: Username PW login failure to Kali Linux

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    Question Username PW login failure to Kali Linux

    Hey guys I just installed Kali Linux and am trying to login, but when I do it just says username / pw failed.. please help!!

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    Default use is: root
    Default password is: toor

    If you made a password during setup though, you have to use it. If you typo'd it twice and don't know it, I only know of one way to correct that (reinstall) though there may be another way I don't know. I'm just starting to learn Linux.

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    Hi Scripeon,

    Suffice it to say, it may be prudent for you to check the logs. This being said, you may have somehow inadvertently modified some of the configurations towards root login. Have you tried reinstalling "kali-root-login" - in the event that you are logging in via root (and not a sudo user.)

    Hope this helps,

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