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    Kali Linux SHA-1 Hashes

    Make sure you download from an official Kali Linux mirror.
    For more information see the documentation.

    The latest hashes can be found here:
    These are all SHA-1 hashes.

    Kali Linux Rolling 2018.2
    e7cdca1f84674df2fc2ad57f781d55e1fc53d46e  kali-linux-2018.2-amd64.iso
    304565cca360479b6ade801aed2e672fced42e7b  kali-linux-2018.2-i386.iso
    34d40e4afe26ed23fa9d37ee84e4d3f3ecff5ec0  kali-linux-light-2018.2-amd64.iso
    e9bf41df47e1e09658c27a006d4d4cb03f96bcd9  kali-linux-light-2018.2-i386.iso
    5998f694833eb984682cdb5d7767440f31e0e9ef  kali-linux-e17-2018.2-amd64.iso
    63bd3eb798e0beebaabfe1b4415dcdd7e672237f  kali-linux-kde-2018.2-amd64.iso
    5aa34bda89529c529be81089d93d58c7dd2fb62f  kali-linux-lxde-2018.2-amd64.iso
    28a4e16695f72f2f128ef16ddd8ce68f76533ead  kali-linux-mate-2018.2-amd64.iso
    5594fc1f6de542c6b892063c7f8321a30c74d232  kali-linux-xfce-2018.2-amd64.iso
    0bdd03a63dbbfccc8dd822ac2683371c5801ea8b  kali-linux-light-2018.2-armhf.img.xz
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