Please help me build this howto, I'll update the top post as the details come in, to provide a reference for the community. (I'm doing this from memory, because I'm not at that machine right now.) When complete we can move it the Community howto section. Thanks!

Aim: To dual boot encrypted Kali with Windows 7, but not destroy Windows or have to buy another computer / hard drive. Release 1.0.4:

1. Backup your Windows. Really!
2. Boot the Kali installer, install options up to:
3. Partitioning: Create a space for your Kali install and swap area,
3a. Shrink the windows partition to create free space.
3a. Assuming sda1 is a recovery partition for Win7, and sda2 is your Windows 7 install, then
3b. Make a logical drive to host:
  • the unencrypted \boot files. 250MB, I use ext2 (contents don't change, journalling not needed)
  • the \root mount, > 8GB (comments on size please?)
  • the swap area (e.g. I use my RAM size x2)
4. Configure the encrypted drives (LVM?)
4a. \root
4b. swap
5. Continue Installing
5z. reboot
6. Post boot LVM / crypto fixup:
7. Setting windows as default boot, at the top of the list. When new kernels arrive, then windows stays default.
#mv /etc/config/grub.d/07_os-prober
8. Reboot, enter the password for the encrypted volume, log in to Kali, (??), profit!