Hi Everyone,
Just a quick contribution to your awesome collection of tools,

HandShaker uses the aircrack-ng set of tools to automatically detect, deauth, capture and crack WPA/2 EAOPL handshakes:

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HandShaker - Detect, deauth, capture and crack WPA/2 handshakes

	Usage: 	handshaker <Method> <Options>
		-a - Autobot or Wardriving mode
		-e - Search for AP by partial unique ESSID
		-l - Scan for APs and present a target list
		-c - Crack handshake from pcap
		-i  - Wireless Interface card
		-i2 - Second wireless card (better capture rate)
		-b  - Use Evil twin AP to capture handshakes
		-w  - Wordlist to use for cracking
		-d  - Deauth this many times for each AP (default 3)
		-p  - Only attack clients above this power level
		-o  - Save handshakes to custom directory
		-g  - Use android GPS to record AP location
		-t  - Timeout to wait for GPS at startup (default 2)
		-s  - Silent
		-h  - This help
		 handshaker -a -i wlan0 -d 5			   ~ Autobot mode on wlan0 and deauth 5 times.
		 handshaker -e Hub3-F -w wordlist.txt	 	   ~ Find AP like 'Hub3-F' and crack with wordlist.
		 handshaker -l -o out/dir			   ~ List all APs and save handshakes to out/dir.
		 handshaker -c handshake.cap -w wordlist.txt       ~ Crack handshake.cap with wordlist.