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Thread: Kali not booting due to bad sectors on a HD

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    Kali not booting due to bad sectors on a HD

    I got and old Dell Inspiron 1545 from one of my Soldier's, I don't know what bit OS it's using (I'm assuming 32) or anything about it. I tried looking it up but there are so many different versions of it. I was able to install Kali without any problem's ( Although GRUB2 would not install along side Windows 7 so I just have Kali as the main OS) but the HD has bad sectors so is what I'm trying to do is remap the sectors from a live boot. So how the heck would I do that. I can't find anything that works for me. Please help.

  2. I actually recently just ran into a bad sector disc issue myself. A good program for linux is "badblocks", however it's a bit un-user friendly though does work great. As an alternative, I would recommend using the Ultimate Boot CD which has a very user friendly live cd boot environment with tools that will do what you need. I think Vivard is what I used. Depending on the size of your drive, it will take quite a while. (For me I let it run nearly 3 days, finding a bunch of bad sectors, however it would have taken almost a week with 500GB 0.o ) so I ended up biting the bullet and got myself an SSD. Very happy with that now
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