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Thread: Blank Screen on boot issue

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    Blank Screen on boot issue


    I've been using Kali Linux for only a month or two now off a virtualbox VM, and recently I have encountered an issue where I can't boot the machine past the grub.The issue started when I saw a notification appear on my Kali that said I'd run out of space. Weird considering all I had on there were some wordlists. But next time I tried to start my kali it just presented a black screen wit hflashing cursor. On further inspection through the recovery grub I saw the only "Major" thing that seemed to be wrong was kali saying it couldnt start because it didn't have enough space. I tried resizeing my virtual harddrive through cmd, but that didnt seem to work. I also added a pretty massive new virtual hardrive to the VM under its SATA controller, but still the problem arises. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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    Did you actually repartition the hard drive from within Linux ? Or just added it under VirtualBox ?

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    Yep, I had. Although I've now fixed the problem by using VMware instead...May be a VB issue, I don't know.

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