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Thread: Simple Server With Python

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    Simple Server With Python

    Step 1
    Prepare the computer that will be used as a server. IP instance my laptop which would be used as the server is

    Step 2
    Open terminal and type
    python -m SimpleHTTPServer 3124
    if the result like this

    Means the server has been running well.

    Port 3124 may be substituted as much as long as its port is not used by another service.

    Step 3
    Furthermore, we can access its server using other computers (in a network). by typing in the browser:

    I access the server as a client from another computer with the client IP

    server displays the directory where we start to enable python,for example I show the root directory.

    Once I access the server from another computer then the terminal will display something.

    Server displays the client IP has access to the server.

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    Red face

    good Wonderful work

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    Very nice topic for a simple and powerfull command, the kind of tricks you ask for more!
    Thanks Doel
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