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Thread: Waiting for /dev to be fully populated

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    Waiting for /dev to be fully populated

    Hello. I downloaded the 32-bit Kali ISO and wrote it to a 4 GB USB. I then Live booted from the USB and did the graphical installation successfully, no problems.

    Everything starts up fine but when I go to boot the OS, I get about six lines in and hung up on the following line:

    [...Waiting for /dev to be fully populated....

    I am using an HP Compaq 6910p. I can find out other information as well, just let me know what I need to find for you. If anyone could help me get past this problem, I would greatly appreciate it. Scouring the web for information has turned up nothing and I'm getting frustrated.


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    Waiting for /dev means its looking at your hardware, and there is more than likely something holding it back at the moment, such as an external device, like a web cam, or an external harddrive, printer, usb devices (mouse?) etc.. I recommend, to disconnect everything that is not needed then give it a try.
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