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Thread: How to use extensions

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    How to use extensions

    Hi folks,

    is there a possibility to use extensions from in Kali Linux? Everything I searched at search engines and even this forum here didn't helped me. I even installed gnome through synaptic, but still the ON/OFF Button on the page is missed. Is there a way to get the extensions working on Kali Linux? I just need the system info by forestfunk81, since it shows me my cpu and mainboard temp in real-time. I use a notebook and the cooling system blows the air to the ground, so I need to know if my notebook overheats. In Debian the stuff works perfect, but since Kali Linux uses a overworked Gnome3 version, the extensions don't want to work. So please tell me, how to get them work again.

    Although I can't move the windows to the side, so they could arrange to a default size like in Debians Gnome3 or in Windows 7. Is it possible to get it working?

    And last thing I would like to know. Is it possible to update through the testing repository of debian (should be jessie stuff)? Don't want to crash my Kali, so I thought it would be better to ask first

    Thanks for any help provided

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    i think you have to install gnome shell and run it. once you have it working (easy to see because the desktop appears more "pimped") try to install the extension on website or manually.

    But if you want just the temperature info i think that cairo-dock can do that job.

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    [Mod please delete the last post and use this instead]

    Hi azihak,

    I tried cairo-dock and was not really happy about it. Since my graphiccard is a Intel GMA 965, I could use the dock correctly. By the way I don't really like using docks, since they can be really annoying with not enough ram. I would like to try the first idea you offered, but there is a problem, too. I got gnome, gnome shell and even gnome shell extensions installed. But neither the desktop looks like gnome3, nor the other features work. I even selected Gnome at the login screen, where you can choose the users. Gnome nor Gnome 2D helped me to choose the extensions. I even tried to reinstall Kali Linux, but none of the solutions helped. So do you have or anyone else an idea, how to fix this problem? I do use Iceweasel for the page with addons like NoScript and Adblock Plus, but both addons are disabled on the page. On Debian it works, but not in Kali Linux. Help me please

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    I still got the problem. It is not possible to use the gnome shell extensions. Is there any way to use the extensions from

    I tried:

    - Gnome-Shell-Extensions installed
    - Gnome Shell installed
    - Gnome Tweak Tools installed
    - Tried even Firefox Browser (not Iceweasel) without any addons

    The ON/OFF Button for the installation of the extensions is not visible.
    BTW. The Docks didn't work correctly. I think that is a problem of the Intel Driver I use. I had many graphical errors.
    I think the problem with the extensions bases on the kali-linux and kali-linux-full files. They block any change on the normal gnome interface. But I am not sure about that. Please help me!

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