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Thread: Can't change partition size of kali drive in VMWare Fusion [Mac]

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    Can't change partition size of kali drive in VMWare Fusion [Mac]

    Although I have changed the VMware Fusion settings to allow 80gb on the hard drive, the ammount of free space in kali is only 9gb. Does anyone know if it is possible to increase the size of the partition?

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    I went the route (though on VMware Workstation on Windoze) of increasing the size of the VMware Virtual HD, then booting up gparted-live-0.16.1_i486, which I used to finish expanding the /dev/sda1 partition. Along the way I removed the swap (/dev/sda5) and then added 4 gigs of swap after expanding the slash (/) partition. Once I'd rebooted, I edited /etc/fstab to use swap from /dev/sda2, vice the UUID= line that was there. Don't know if gparted will boot within your Mac/VMware Fusion environment, but couldn't hurt to try. It (gparted) is free afterall.

    Best of luck!

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