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Thread: Retrieve WPS pin from WPA/WPA2 passphrase?

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    Retrieve WPS pin from WPA/WPA2 passphrase?

    Hey guys. Quick question. Say I have the WPA or WPA2 key for a router, is it possible to grab the WPS pin WITHOUT logging into the router's admin page? Some of you will ask why this is useful and the answer is if the admin ever changes it, you can just pop the pin into reaver and retrieve the new WPA or WPA2 key. Thanks!

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    quick answer: no

    Someone might prove me wrong though.
    There is no point in what you are trying to do. the PIN stays the same, you have your access, why must you have a password?
    If you must then router hacking is the way.

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    sorry I misread your question.
    I got it the wrong way round

    The WPS PIN should be there on the router page, but the reason it confused me is that if the AP has WPS enabled, you would gain access by cracking the WPS PIN, not by cracking the handshake which is at least hundreds of magnitutes harder.

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