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Thread: Windows fail boot

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    Windows fail boot

    Hi, i am trying a lot of time now to fix this but i can't.
    i think the only solution for me is format again!! But, there must be a
    solution right?
    Well.. every time i format to windows 7 first (in 1 partition of my 2nd
    hard disk), after this i am formatting to kali linux in another
    partition of the same hard drive. So here it comes the problem. The Grub
    shows only Kali linux (it calls it Debian accually), kali linux repair
    and a vista LOADER but there is nothing there. so i placed the windows
    installation disk, i gave to cmd "bootrec /fixmbr" and "bootrec
    /fixboot".. it says both successful and after i boot vista loader from
    grub, again nothing to load. So my last hope was boot-repair. it went
    successful too but nothing changed. Maybe i have installed grub in a
    wrong place?? i really don't know!! can you help?

    Here is my boot-repair report:

    Thank you in advance.

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    ok!! i solved this prob!!! finally !!!
    i found this:

    and i just add my windows boot into my existing grub!

    Alternative: Type this into console:

    sudo apt-get install os-prober
    running it using console:

    sudo os-prober
    Update your grub by run this command:

    sudo update-grub
    (this tut was from: )

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