I've been fighting a Kali install on a Raspberry Pi for a few hours and I'm running out of ideas. I am running a B model Pi with a Class 10 16GB Transcend SDHC card.

Here is what I've done so far:

After I downloaded the image I duplicated the sha256 checksum with the kali-linux-1.0-armel-raspberrypi.img.xz image. The duplication was pretty straightforward - I used my Mac and unmounted the SD and used DD - dd if=kali-linux-1.0-armel-raspberrypi.img of=/dev/disk2s1 bs=512k. I have actually tried both disks2s1 and rdisk2s1 and difference was as documented across the web - rdisk is alot faster. The sha256 checksum for the uncompressed file is: 28fe975405aeefdbf22b2f2c7490f308bd693ab702888d64db 7cd16f7125fd52

I'm having issues, so at this point I dumped the image and device (/dev/disk2s1) with od to separate text files and ran a diff on the files. The diff is not complete yet, it has been running for about 50 minutes and so far I have no differences.

At this point I plugged the SD into the Pi and started it up. The power light comes on, but none of the other LEDs power up. Unfortunately I'm not going to have access to a USB keyboard and monitor until Monday - so I'm hoping I don't need one.

I did purchase a NOOBS Arch SD from Newark when I got the Pi. All of the LEDs power up with that SD, but it would appear that I need a keyboard and monitor to actually get that SD running. I mention this because the lights do turn on.

Does anyone see what I am missing?