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Thread: [Ettercap] How to redirect to "nothing ?" (Wifi blocker ?)

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    [Ettercap] How to redirect to "nothing ?" (Wifi blocker ?)

    i use Kali Linux 1.05 (very good project) with AWUS036H

    So I look for a method with ettercap to redirect all traffic to anything.

    For my target no longer receive network traffic

    How this name is kind of method? How would I do with ettercap?

    Sorry for my English. Thanks

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    There is a plugin in ethercap "ec_isolate" that corrupts the arp cache table of a client and takes the client out of the network. I believe it basically maps all ip addresses to its own mac address, including the default gateway.

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    I believe you can just exec "echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward", this will disable forwarding on your machine so will block everybody passing over it.

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