Hello everyone,
I've searched for hours trying to figure this one out. Here's my problem:

I've got an old Alienware that I formatted and installed Kali. As the title says, I have the Broadcom Mini-wireless BCM43224 Wireless card (which worked perfectly in windows). When I installed kali, no wireless interface was found. The card appears in the lspci list, but nothing wireless was in ifconfig or iwconfig. I tried all the things deactivating the other bcm modules (bcrmutil, mac80211, etc) and installing the Broadcom Linux STA Hybrid Driver (link). That made the wireless card appear as "eth1" and function somewhat properly, but it came up as an "a/b/g" not the "b/g/n" that it should be. Also, I restarted the machine and it no longer appeared, except on the lspci list. What am I doing wrong? No one else seems to have this problem. . .

Thanks ahead of time!