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Thread: Package conflicts

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    Package conflicts

    Hi all
    Been messing around with kali and noticed a few package conflicts

    winexe conflics with nvidia-cuda-toolkit ( both 4 and 5 from jessie ) , both try to put bin2c in /usr/bin, am looking at the winexe git to see if recompiling will solve it, but i think its going to take a renaming of bin2c in the winexe deb, or maybe a symlink , but everyone complains at that ( dirty hack ).
    Is anyone on this or should i do it ?

    THere is another one but its in the dev repo so assume the dev will pick it up.

    Also have managed to merge kali with jessie pretty sucsessfully ( well not much broken yet ) so it can be done , being stuck with wheezy is a necessary pain i know, but many libs just to old for a compilation box, and i like recent cinnamons, recent quem etc etc

    Have come up with a few dektop extensions and related packages for kali, where do i post all this ****
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