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    Custom Pi Image


    I'm having issues getting sshd to start on a custom kali image. I followed the directions:
    The only deviation was the choice of tools, I used the tools specified here:
    I deviated on tools because the ones specified were giving me a kernel build error.

    With that said, I only have network access; so I'm not 100% certain why sshd isn't loading. I can ping the device, verified the ARP entry, and the lights look correct. To enable sshd I moved the K01ssh script in rc2.d to S01ssh in the img file. I'm also trying to throw sshd on port 2222 in rc.local. Anyone know what I am missing, this seems like it should be obvious...


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    I've made a little progress. I think the kernel I build last night had an issue, although I'm not sure what the issue is. I have started to try to simplify the process by applying the changes I'm looking for the standard kali image. I have installed a custom kernel and used ssh to access the modified standard image. I'm trying to get the iptables modules and I appear to be a few options away from it, so with anyluck I will have it working soon.

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