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Thread: Write RaspberryPi Image to Sd Karte doesent work

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    Post Write RaspberryPi Image to Sd Karte doesent work

    •Kali Version 1.0.5
    •Kali Architecture (32 bit, 64 bit, arm, armel) arm
    •Specific hardware models you are having trouble with (if relevant) RaspberryPi Model B
    •Any visible error messages you are getting. No
    •Any additional relevant logs and information as described in the Kali Troubleshooting documentation

    Ich Have Donwload the File for the RPI


    I Write it with DD dd if=kali-linux-1.0.5-armel-rpi.img.xz of=/dev/mmcbk0 bs=512k

    It doesent Work

    I think i make a mistake

    anybody Help THX

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    Try this
    1. Extract the .xz to get unzipped img file (you will have to find an extractor that supports zx extension);
    2. Run sudo before dd command if you are not logged as root;
    3. Make sure the path of your output file is correct. Most likely it will look like /dev/sdx in linux or /dev/diskX in OSX
    In osx you might want to use rdiskX instead or diskX to get faster writing;
    4. Make sure you enter the complete path of your input file. Or cd the directory of the file;
    5. Make sure there is No other thread like this before posting a question.

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    NVM sorry missread this.
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