Hello all,

I've been trying for some time to make a live usb that also has widows functionality to transfer files for day to day use. The basic idea goes like this:

sdc1 = fat32 portableapps and docs
sdc2 = kali
sdc3 = ext4 persistence

(where the usb drive is sdc)

I've had no issue installing Kali with persistence, however as you probably know windows will only access the first partition of a usb drive. After I tried the bit flip method to no avail I tried tossing a fat 32 partition up front but, while the partition is windows accessible, it will no longer boot into Kali. Most recently I tried installing grub on the fat32 partition hoping I could link it to the Kali partition but after following this: http://rudd-o.com/linux-and-free-sof...live-usb-drive the computer still wouldn't boot to kali. (as a side note, the only deviation from that instruction was that instead of initrd.gz I used initrd.img because I couldn't find the .gz)

Has anyone implemented a drive like this? What am I doing wrong?