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Thread: Dual boot partitioning problem Kali Win

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    Dual boot partitioning problem Kali Win

    So I'm trying to install kali dual boot with windows 7 but I have a problem when im choosing the partitions in the kali graphical install...
    I don't see the unallocated space I made with the PC manager in win 7.

    Warning HUGE IMAGES!
    Heres what my pc looks like:


    and the graphical install


    Can anyone help me?

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    You are half way there. You need to format that unallocated space into a partition, I suggest ext4. I would use gparted that comes with Kail, not sure if windows can do ext partitions. ALSO, you can have only 4 primary partitions with this, and you already have them so you will either need to combine your partitions or do something to get your partitions down a number.
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    Read carefully what charonsecurity posted, is pointing towards a basic and quite important concept and I quote from charonsecurity:

    "you can have only 4 primary partitions".

    remember it: you can only have 4 primary partitions. If none of those 4 partitions is ext4 filesystem, kali won't install on a ntfs partition.

    Kali needs an ext4 filesystem partition and a swap partition.

    Now, when partitioning a disk, I strongly recommend gparted if noobie, if you have worked with linux before, you can use the fdisk command if you wish.

    You need to pay attention to what Kali installation software is pointing, and forget all info coming from windows.

    Now look at the last picture you posted, you have 4 primary partitions. No more room for bios-mbr unless you have uefi-gpt which luckly is not your case.

    Post in what partition would you like to install kali. Depending on which one you would like to have it installed, you have to erase that partition an create a new one as extended, and within the extended one, you create 2 logical partitions: Kali and swap. Kali needs to have ext4 filesystem...

    Download gparted and boot with it, then you can pick any partition to be deleted and create the new one as I posted.

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