Kali Version: 1.0.2
Kali Architecture: i386


I installed Kali on a bootable USB key with a persistence partition (in order to save settings modification or documents), following the official guides (http://docs.kali.org/installation/ka...ve-usb-install). Settings are saved (e.g. keyboard layout changed is kept if I shutdown and reboot again with "persistence" option in command line from boot menu). Also, additional users created or documents created and put on desktop are saved.

However, if I change the root password (with command passwd). Then if I logout (so, without rebooting, juts logout), then I have to use the new password to login again, as expected. But, if I reboot completely (going through the boot menu, adding persistence in the command line), then the new password is not saved and I have to use again the default one (toor). Note that changing password for additional users works perfectly with both logout and full reboot: the new password for these additional users are saved.

Is it linked to the default parameters proposed by the boot menu ?
Today I am only pressing TAB key and adding "persistence" at the end of the line.
Without modification of the begining (sudo..., username=root..., etc....)

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