Hello! This is my first post here, I have a question to something I haven't found a solution so far since it seems to be a peculiar setup.
I want to make an encrypted Kali install on my hard drive and have the /boot partition and GRUB be installed on an USB drive. So far so good, the installer makes it pretty easy to do so. However, I also want to use a keyfile instead of a passphrase, and I want that keyfile to be on my USB drive (it being in the same partition as /boot would be fine). So, I want my root ( / ) partition on my hard drive and my GRUB, /boot partition, and keyfile on my USB drive.
Is there any easy way to set this up so Kali automatically boots by reading the keyfile from the /boot partition in my USB drive?
I've tried installing Kali normally in an encrypted LVM with a passphrase, and then adding the keyfile with cryptsetup, but I haven't managed to make the bootup be automatic and I ended up messing my LVM configuration.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!