I installed Kali and grub on a Toshiba 500GB external hard drive. After booting to the hard drive I am able to select Kali (indicating grub is okay) but after "initiating Gnome gdm3" I am presented with a black screen and cursor. Shortly thereafter the "...something has gone wrong" screen is presented. Upon reboot, the system will allow me to boot into recovery mode. The Toshiba external hard drive is connect via usb to an HP dv17 laptop running Windows 7. The installation was conducted using a bootable dvd.

After reading many threads I ran across a suggestion to create a usb live installation with persistence using the Toshiba usb hard drive in lieu of a thumb drive. I also ran across someone who experienced a similar issue when the installation was conducted without network connectivity, but this is not my case. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.