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Thread: installation with incrypeted disk

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    installation with incrypeted disk

    i try install the kali in live but when i make reboot say welcome to the grup and i can´t change how s.o i want start
    i used the kali 1.5 32 bits
    my computer is pentium 4 3.0ghz
    2 gb of memory and i have 2 internal disk and externel
    i install in externel disk
    i want install with dual boot with ubuntu 13.04
    but i want install with full incrypted disk in externel disk
    can someone help-me

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    Could you please be more specific and use proper grammar ? What I understood was that you want to install Kali on an external HDD/USB HDD and encrypt/hide it.

    The process is very simple. You will need USB/HDD Storage of at the minimalistic-least 8GB , This is here we install the OS.

    Second - a DVD or another usb with atleast 4GB storage , this is from where you will install Kali.

    Start up normally and on disk selection choose your USB/External HDD. And follow installation instructions.

    4th - Encryption can be done of entire disk either with the inbuilt LVM option that you will get during install or using TrueCrypt program, hiding an OS guide available at their homepage..

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    i install my kali using this guide
    in live mode
    i using a DVD to install it
    one disk have the ubuntu 13.10 and externel i install the kali
    i have install the ubuntu again becouse the grub only say welcome but can´t chose what s.o i want chose
    i only want hide the kali
    can someone help-me
    hardware of computer
    motherboard Albatron PX865 PE PRO 2
    can someone help-me
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