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Thread: Allocating more space to my /root partition

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    Allocating more space to my /root partition

    This is the error I received, it's pretty self explanatory, but indeed basically I dont have enough space on the partition that I am using. I am not able to boot from it because I get this error. Here's the picture. I used the amd 64 Kali ISO from I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this, please let me know which forum to post it in and I will move the location, but I figured since this was a space issue, the installation forum would be appropriate.

    It's a pretty basic question, but basically I want a way to either boot into linux so I can use gparted or have a way so I can do the same safely from the windows side of my dual boot with windows 7 and Kali amd64.

    Thank you. The preferred way is through windows, but if that's not possible I can boot into backtrack with a live USB I have. Thank you.



    I NOW I realize my ISSUE is.......CRUNCH. Where the ^&$%^& does it save wordlists to that I don't specify an output for? Im pretty sure, that is what killed my disc space. :\
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    Yeah, you are on the right track. Basically I would make a liveUSB/DVD (the backtrack one you have should be fine) and use gparted from there to resize the partitions.

    Edit*** Back Up first
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    I did do that, and no I havent backed up first, but I dont care to do so, because the only thing Icare about on linux are my penetration programs and thatll come if I (worst case scenario) have to reinstall. I appreciate your help and I will post another pic really quick of where I am with gparted. I was also told to try sudo resize2fs /dev/sda8 (which is my location for my partition)

    I am in Kali Linux live at the moment, so I got to this screen, but am not able to increase the size because my bar is already all the way to the right. (from what I can see)

    I'll be posting a clear pic of everything in a sec once i go on my Windows partition.

    Here's my screenshot from gparted and my attempted resize2fs /dev/sda7

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    How about is you post the partitions on your hard drive.

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