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Thread: Issue Installing Kali on Samsung Chromebook (Silver $250 one)

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    Angry Issue Installing Kali on Samsung Chromebook (Silver $250 one)

    Okay, so I've been having troubles installing kali on my chromebook. I've got the $250 samsung arm one, and I get to the point when i use the dd command and put the image onto my flashdrive. When I use the cgpt commands (sudo cgpt show /dev/sda1) or any other commands like that that use the cgpt, I get a return of:
    ERROR: cgpt (command (i.e. "show")): GptSanityCheck() returned 2: GPT_ERROR_INVALID_HEADERS

    Same exact error every time, tried like 5 times. Please help!

  2. Did you download the correct Kali Version (i.e. the kali-linux-1.0.5-armhf-chromebook)?
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    I have had the same issue for quite sometime until I happened upon a solution:
    No matter what I tried, I have been unable to get kali-linux-1.0.6-armhf.img.xz to work, resulting in the exact same error as you.

    Instead, download the 1.0.5 image specific to the chromebook at: http://
    ^Either download the kali-linux-1.0.5-armhf-chromebook.img.xz or the kali-linux-1.0.5-armhf-chromebook.torrent.

    Follow all of the same steps in the same installation guide using the newly downloaded 1.0.5 image, and you should succeed.

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    I had the same issue with Kali 1.0.6 for my Acer C720.
    At last, I used rufus to copy the ISO to my USB drive (vs. justdd or UUI to copy the image), rebooted, hit Ctrl-L in the Chrome page where it says Safe Mode is off or so, then when you get SeaBios, hit ESC, and choose your drive. There won't be an questions about GPT tables and such.

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