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Thread: Ettercap closing solo crash

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    Cool Ettercap closing solo crash

    Hello guys,

    Kali updated my linux with apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, and ettercap version 0.8.0 closes automatically when I'm sniffing a wi-fi network. The error that displays me at the terminal is:

    (iceweasel: 3810): GLib-WARNING **: getpwuid_r (): failed due to unknown user id (1000)
    No protocol specified
    No protocol specified
    Error: can not open display :: 0.0
    Ooops! This should not happen ...
    Segmentation Fault ...
    Please recompile in debug mode, reproduce the bug and send a bugreport
    Does anyone know what might be happening?

    thank you

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    Based on the error " failed due to unknown user id (1000)", can you verify wether that uid exists in /etc/passwd?

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    Hello aerokid240,

    not have uid = 100 in / etc / passwd, how can I do to create? That might solve the problem.

    Thanks for the trouble

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    Is it uid 100 or uid 1000? You can create a user with the "useradd" program and pass the option --uid 100 to it. By default, my kali install already has an account that uses uid 100 though. Again, im not sure if you meant uid 1000. Good Luck.

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