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Thread: The relationship between Windows 8.1 and Kali Linux?

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    Question The relationship between Windows 8.1 and Kali Linux?

    I can easily dual-boot Kali Linux on my Win7 Machine but i've wanted for some time to transfer Kali Linux to my other machine. (Which has Windows 8.1 on it)

    Now, i'm wondering if it's even an option to dual-boot Kali Linux with Win8.1, because i've heard a lot of incidents happen.

    People report that Windows 8.1 was "ruined" and they had to install a clean version of Windows 8.1, thus losing their files.

    I want Kali Linux to dual-boot with Windows 8.1 without any problems, if that's possible.

    Could someone please guide me or just give me a pointer in the right direction?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm in the same boat and would also appreciate a response to this. Also if anyone has any recommendations on a mid-range Win8 laptop (around $500) that I can configure for dual boot, I'd be grateful for the advice. Further, if anybody has successfully set up dual boot Win8.1/Kali, a step-by-step guide would be really useful as all the online guides seem to point to Win7. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi, just my 2 cents:
    1. Do everything as normal, partition for Windows anywhere u want ant install kali anywhere you want. It doesn't matter if its in the same hard drive or not.
    2. Go to add and remove software (yes its included no need to apt it)
    3. Install startup-manager, searh for it as is and install the only option displayed.

    Upon entering Start-Up Manager Grub will probe again...choose windows for default or whatever you want, Windows plus any other operationg systems should be correctly displayed now after each reboot.

    Worked for me, Hope it works for you. Tested in PC with 2 HDDS on windows 8.1 and one kali linux, and the hp laptop I always use with the the same setup, but partitioned on the same drive.

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    I have installed Windows 8.1 and Kali but on different partitions (got 50GB just for Kali).
    After Kali was installed, on Windows 8.1, speakers stopped working, if I unplug the speakers, all works.
    I know that the speakers works, because on Kali all sounds cool, but on Windows 8.1 doesnt al all.
    Il figure this out, il be back soon.

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    I have a UEFI-compatible laptop Acer Aspire V3-772G (very similar to 771G), originally came with linux mint or smth, later I got Win8.1 on it, in UEFI aswell.

    Recently, I managed to get it to UEFI dual boot win8.1 and kali - by default it doesn't prompt and goes into windows and to get into kali I have to press f12 (boot menu) and select the corresponding entry which gets me to grub.
    How - followed a "EFI install Kali Linux" tutorial on this forum alongside with some googling about dual booting linux distros with windows in uefi. LiLi for creating the flash, then manually adding the efi folders like in the tutorial, graphical install. Partitions - shrunk the win8.1 partition by 20gigs, 500mb as efi boot, 16gb as ext4 /, 2gb as ext4 /home, 2gb as swap. Startx wasn't working, installed xorg and ran Xorg -configure, everything's fine. Btw the linux installation didn't replace win8 bootloader somewhy - but I'm happy with it.

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    Yes, that's the tutorial.

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