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Thread: Problem bruteforcing dpc2420 cisco router with hydra

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    Problem bruteforcing dpc2420 cisco router with hydra

    Hi! i'm currently having issues bruteforcing a cisco router with hydra. I've created a file with 8 passwords, the correct one included, and the login is blank. When i try to use
    hydra -l '' -P pass.txt http-get /
    hydra finds all the passwords valid. I searched some topics and found out that the protocol wasn't valid and that i needed to take a look at the framesource of the validation form. When i try to do it, all i can see is the form name: DprSetup.asp , but nothing else. I'm not able to see the authentification method or anything.
    I've tried using wireshark to get the packages but i'm not sure how to filter the reelevant ones.
    Do you guys have any ideas on how to proceed?
    Thanks for the help

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    Make sure your IP is correct. Most cisco routers use as their IP, not .0.1...

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