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Thread: create new user (user) as copy from existing user (root)

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    create new user (user) as copy from existing user (root)

    Since Kali comes with the root user in default an no need to add a normal user I started setting up my system using the root user.
    Installed Dropbox, Skype, Dreamweaver and so on. Added Mailaccounts to icedove and added things to the Desktop...

    Now after thinking about this I'd like to add a "normal" user and only user root when necassary.... BUT to do this wihtout installing/configuring everything again I'd like to know how I can create a new user (adduser) as a copy of root BUT without root privileges...

    I hope I made clear what my intention is and I hope someone here might have a easy way to do this. The main thing would be that also all my userdepending settings will be transfered...

    Additional: If there is no way like this -> Is it possible to make a new user root2 (with root privileges) and rename the existing root user and reduce his rights... so just make a naked root user and takeover the existing root user as "normal" user ...

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    Cannot be done with a single command. Most programs put app specific configs/settings/plugins in a hidden folder in the user's (root in your case) home directory. Simply copying the contents of these folders to the new users home directory might work for some applications, may not work for others. But i suggest that you start there.

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    Thanks for the reply. Well I spent some hours thinking about it and actually I think I just will setup a new system when I have some free time... to be sure everything is fine and not patched together....

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