I have been trying to Kali encrypted and Windows 7 encrypted on one hard drive and I see many people saying how to do it in many different ways. Here is how I have approached it; and the problems that I have run into:

Install Windows 7 on half the disk (100MB reserved for boot automatically)
Install Kali on two separate logical volumes (have also tried primary)
/boot mount point (tried both ext2 and ext4)
/sda5_crypt generated
create 2 logical volumes in the encrypted volume 1 for swap x2 RAM and another for ext4 with / mount point
install - say no to MBR install - attempt to install grub and receive a fatal error on /dev/sda3 which is /boot (I think) tried /dev/sda2 as well
not sure how to proceed after /dev/sda3 error - I want to be booting to /boot
complete install if I get grub installed
reboot - goes directly to windows
install truecrypt - system encryption (not full disk)
do I choose multiple OS or single OS
then when I boot back up the truecrypt test works on windows and I can bypass it and I see that people are saying to use the truecrypt rescue iso and then follow some steps.
isn't that decrypting your windows install???????? while you are using your kali install?
is there no other way to tell truecrypt that you have 2 operating systems?
why can't you modify the truecrypt bootloader to recognize windows and the Linux install?