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Thread: Kali Installation hangs on the "Configure Package Manager" step

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    Kali Installation hangs on the "Configure Package Manager" step

    Every time i attempt to install Kali, the process hangs when i reach the configure package manager step. This happens both in the gui mode and cli mode. What can i do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mk3s View Post
    What can i do?
    Post more info.

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    Same problem. I am trying to install Kali on VirtualBox with the kali-linux-1.0.2-i386.iso available on the website. The process seems to work fine, but then hangs at "Configure Package Manager". I selected yes to using mirroring if it makes any difference. I tried both basic and graphical install, both fail.

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    I have had the same problem with VirtualBox installation. After switching to the diagnostic console I noticed that in fact it was not hanged but doing it's thing veeeery slowly. I gave it about 15 minutes, hitting enter key in frustration once, and eventually it followed with the installation and finished without further problems.

  5. As Sickness suggested, Please post more info. We know what your problem is, but without knowing more about your system, or other details, there really is not much that we can suggest other than shots in the dark. For example: What type of computer or device are you trying to install on? How much free space, Ram, SSD, HDD etc. What method of boot are you attemping; USB, CD, VM? If VM, are you using the Kali VM image? .. Did you try searching for other threads with similar issues that may apply? Did you read the faq? The more the better. Thanxs!
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    Like mcmurphy I'm on VirtualBox and waited a long time for it to work. It does eventually continue to the next screen. It would be helpful if they put some sort of progress indicator!

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    Give it 5 minutes as the installation will loop back around and proceed with the original installment. After it is done it will take your cd out and hang again for 5 minutes and proceed. it works fine. Just a bit slow on some pcs

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    if you haven't fixed this I would suggest you give this solution a try.

    (try skipping the package manager set up when installing kali linux. If all other steps of the installation are completed than boot into your kali linux. )

    so basicly you need to manually copy kali linuxs repos into /etc/apt/sources.list
    you can find kali linuxs repos at the bottom of this page ." "
    than copy all the repos into your sources.list directory.

    I'm not to sure why this is so but i also had this error and this was the fix for me.
    Let me know how it goes.

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    I waited an hour and a half. I have a pretty responsive laptop. It never did this.
    Did you try this while installing to your HDD as well? Or only VirtualBox?
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    if you say no to using mirror on the network did it work??

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    Up-to-date information

    Quote Originally Posted by arist0v View Post
    if you say no to using mirror on the network did it work??
    Hello arist0v, saying no to using mirror does work. Thank you for your time.

    Warm Regards,

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    Press Alt and D

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