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    The following program called varmacreaver(ie variable mac reaver) was developed to explore flaws in the WPS locking system. The program NEVER WORKED against WPS locked routers as we could find no way to force the router to be remotely reset. However in cases where:

    1. Reaver ran normally then would spin hopelessly in a EAPOL hang until the program was restarted.
    2. the router was at extreme range.
    3. the key flow was interrupted constantly by a temperamental or stick router. can keep the crack working. It can unstick these long EAPOL hangs and sticky routers and keep the key flow progressing. Our Team has decided to release this program for general use. This is NOT a new Reaver Program. Your existing Reaver 1.4 must be installed. We still think that the latest Reaver is the WPS Tool of choice in most cases. If Reaver fails you might try bully as this alternate WPS cracking program has a brute force option.

    Before choosing to use the program against a router, try exploring the alternatives given in the Reaver command line FIRST and especially, the -r x:y command - see Reaver help files. If the problems still exists, you can try The program is not a magic bullet just a tool. If you are not getting any keys at all ie no response from the router, cannot help you.

    If you allow in the permissions for the file to be run as a program then you can run it from root or place in the /user/bin folder and type in the terminal window.

    Run the and go thru the menu options. Once you have given the program the info required, it will start Reaver for the period of time selected you selected. then shut down change the mac code randomly and then restart reaver. We were forced to use the -o command writing a program to file. Therefore once started you must access the files written to root as Reaver screen info is piped to a text file, not to the screen. Output in text form is necessary as the Key once found might be lost in the constant startup and shut down that occurs. allows you to set the:

    1 Length of time between startup-shutdown-restart
    2.-r x:y commands(see Reaver help files)
    3. Total number of start-shutdown-restart you require
    4. Name of text file show reaver output will be numbered automatically. Just enter a file name when asked and the files will be numbered for you.
    5. There is some limited error handling for macode entries etc.

    When started a status page is seen which changes with each startup and shutdown;.

    Reaver saves its work regardless of whether you employ OR just use the reaver command line. In some cases when reception is good or key flow rate is fast just use the standard Reaver command line, you do not need to use However when EAPOL hangs start occuring and key rates drop or get erratic we suggest you try When the problem goes away stop and continue from a reaver command line in a terminal window.

    You can download the file at:

    You can download at at:

    We have found bugs in version1A.

    You can download at the site listed below

    See page three this thread for program additions and comments

    This Is a Musket Team Release
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